Audaciously, Vivaciously Me.

May 25

Zach’s Last Days

This is video about 18 year old Zach Sobiech, who died of cancer this past Monday. It was basically documenting the last couple of days of his life, and how he chose to spend them having fun, being happy, and fulfilling his dream of being a singer-songwriter and having his music (like his song Clouds) heard. I swear, this video made me burst into tears. On the same token, it really spoke to me and inspired me. Zach’s story just goes to show that you really should live your life to the fullest and do everything you want to do NOW, because as cliché as it sounds, tomorrow really isn’t promised. We should all live every day with love, gratitude, and appreciation for the little things, and remember that as bad as our situations may seem, things could ALWAYS be worse. Rest in peace, Zach. You have touched more hearts and inspired more people than you will ever know.

xoxo Danerah

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    I cried like a baby when watching this…
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    Him and his girlfriend are truly inspirational. Awesome.
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    Zach also had sarcoma cancer. With only months to live Zach wanted to inspire people through his music. He has definatly...
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